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Welcome to the Porch Live: A community of Austinites in their 20s and 30s who gather every Tuesday for live music, great teaching, and fellowship.

Interested? Good news, we saved you a seat at The Porch Live Austin. Come join us Tuesdays at Austin Baptist Church at 7:30 PM!

Starting back up January 21st, from 7:30-9:30 PM

Where: Austin Baptist Church, 7016 Ribelin Ranch Dr. Austin, TX 78750

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Current Series: Roaring 20s

Welcome to 2020.

We may not be flying around like The Jetsons yet or living on Mars, but 2020 is pretty legit. Thanks to the decade of 2010, there are self driving cars, iPads, and we can basically have our own assistant thanks to the Favor app. 2020 has a lot of potential... not just in cool new inventions, but the lives we're creating. We're becoming something/someone, one decision at a time. The question is, will we make the right choices and become who we're meant to be?