The ABC Story

Austin Baptist Church was launched by faith in July, 2007. A small group of believers met for prayer over several weeks and felt God’s leadership to begin a new church fellowship. It was a decision that brought hope, excitement, and a multitude of uncertainties. The name “Austin Baptist Church” was chosen to reflect the hopes of reaching people throughout the metropolitan area. The church began with no pastor, no staff, no building, no budget, and no organization. But it began with an abundance of hope, a willingness to work hard, and a determination to pay any price to grow a church.

Temporary locations were quickly outgrown, and space was leased in north Austin to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding fellowship. Dr. Ralph Smith, retired pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church, preached for the traditional service; Dr. Jimmy Myers, Director of The Timothy Center, preached for the contemporary service. Bible study with excellence was provided for all ages.

Dr. Gary Dyer had served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Midland, Texas, for 15 years when Austin Baptist Church extended an invitation to him to become our pastor. Dr. Dyer and his wife Teena saw the potential for a dynamic ministry in Austin, and felt God’s leadership to leave a large and influential congregation to join a smaller church with no property of its own.

Thirty-five acres of property was located and purchased in the beautiful Four Points area of west Austin, and the church elected to build a new facility for worship, Bible study, and ministry to the community. Construction began in July 2011, and the first Sunday in the new building was September 9, 2012. We thank God for His guidance every step of the way, and for His abundant goodness.