A Note From Our Pastor

In John 1:14, our Lord Jesus Christ is identified as “full of grace and truth.” Those words--that are often skipped over--are really as important as anything ever written about Jesus. He is not 50/50 truth and grace. He is not all truth and not grace, nor no truth and all grace. He is 100/100 grace and truth. “Grace” is really His unconditional love, His loving-kindness in action. Truth is authentic reality as revealed in His person, actions, and words. Jesus reflected the perfect blend of grace and truth.

At Austin Baptist Church, our passion is to be like Jesus—which calls for us to likewise be “full of grace and truth.” We are not perfect at the blending of those two qualities; but we are committed to them. Consequently, what you will find when you worship with our family of faith is this: We won’t compromise on truth, but we will speak, teach, and live truth bathed in the loving-kindness of Christ.

I find it most unfortunate that churches today tend to tilt one way or the other: either harping on truth without much (if any) grace, or using grace as an excuse to compromise on truth. The result is churches that are legalistic on the one hand or liberal and/or licentious on the other. At ABC, we are confident that it does not need to be one or the other. We can stand for truth—and we must; yet, we can do so in an atmosphere of unconditional love. If you have been hungering for a faith family where you and your family will be taught truth without apology while being a faith family where you and your family will be loved and cared for—and given opportunities to love and care for others—Austin Baptist Church just may be the faith family you have been looking for.

I encourage you to give us a try. We offer choices in worship and choices in on-campus Sunday morning Bible study classes that address a variety of preferences and needs. Take a closer look on this website. I think you will find evidence of a church that is truly committed to being “full of grace and truth.”

Gary Dyer, Pastor
John 3:30