Update from the Chairman:

Our Pastor Search Committee continues to work, quietly for now! We have narrowed the candidate pool and are continuing to do so.

Eddie Cox has taken a prayer guide from another church and edited it for us. You can find two versions of the prayer guide on this page.  It is a 40 Days of Prayer for our Pastor Search process. One version has the Scripture printed out for you and the other just has the references for you to look it up in your own Bible. Thank you, Eddie for this work!

I want to encourage EVERY member of ABC to participate in the 40 days of prayer. Make a commitment to do this and let’s watch God answer! We will have some copies at the Welcome Center at the church but encourage you to go to our website and download it and print it for yourself. I think it will be very valuable. If you begin right away you will finish it around Christmas. If you wait until November 22, I think you finish it on the last day of the year.

Please participate in this effort! Without your prayers, we cannot be successful.




Download Pastor Search Prayer Guide with Scripture Passages

Download Pastor Search Prayer Guide with Scripture References